Tuesday, May 13, 2014

T-Minus 0 Hours

Well my food finale weekend was pretty amazing, I must say.  Buttermilk pancakes, corned beef hash, sausage, Jack in the Box, tortellini, pizza, a burrito, french toast, and pop corn.  Success.  Whilst stuffing all the food in, I began to think about how gross it all is, and recalling the blood work results I had just received.  High Cholesterol, high blood pressure, less than stellar kidney function for my age, pre-diabetes, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, heart burn, the list goes on.

It clicks with me, I'm a ticking time bomb.  Besides the fact that I'm less than thrilled with my appearance, my health is in serious jeopardy.  It may not be an immediate threat, but the road I'm traveling on has an inevitable dead end--emphasis on the dead.

So, that's why I'm doing the metabolic nutrition program recommended by my doctor.  Essentially, it helps you lose weight rapidly, while figuring out why you got where you got in the first place.  It is an all liquid diet, that mimics starvation, but the shakes and soups help relieve any hunger, while providing your body with the protein your brain needs to survive (and not feast on your muscles).  It definitely isn't something you can continue long term, but part of the program is determining a good plan of attack for a long term diet.  You do weekly group meetings, bi-weekly blood work, and monthly doctor's appointments.

I had my first meeting with the doctor yesterday, and got my week's supply of "food".  I've tried the chocolate shake, and it's less than appealing.  I also chose the potato soup.  Not thrilling either.  I had a major freak out last night because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to commit to this, even though for weeks I've been so excited.  I had this impression it would taste a little better.  I kept reminding myself that it's worth it.  You cant go from eating delicious amazing pizza, to a powdered, watery "potato" and think it is amazing.  Time and persistence will be my best friends.  I will get used to this food.  It isn't much of a choice, considering it will be my only source of food.

And so my journey begins.  I weighed 292.4 yesterday.  The goal we chose to set (for now) is 192, for a total weight-loss of 100 pounds.  I will be shedding a small human people.  The first notch of the zipper is being unzipped, and thin, healthy me, is already ready to burst through.  The only person I feel for is my boyfriend.  He, if anything, wants to gain weight.  No more going out to eat, though, and he is so understanding and supportive.  :)  I totally love the guy.

I've tried to figure out where I'm planning on taking this blog.  Is it a digital diary?  Do I want people to follow it?  What will the content be?  To answer it plainly, of course I want people to follow it, and it will be a digital diary.  The content will be a clusterfuck of all my emotions, which I'm sure will be numerous, along my journey.  There will be rants, there will be raves.  I'll include my fancy recipes, that tip a hat to my culinary creativity.  And I'll keep you posted on my progress.  When I start delving into real food, I'm sure my new healthy recipes will be recounted.  I'm most looking forward to showing you all the before and the after.  That, after all, is the purpose, and you can keep me accountable for my actions.

100 pounds to go!

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