A Little Positivity

I decided to create this page, so I can religiously add each day a minimum of three things that made me smile, or brightened my day.  I'm hoping it will remind me that even when I'm the lowest of the low, positive things still do happen, and they add up, and there is a lot in life to be happy about :)

  1. Clean (and free) laundry.  I washed all my clothes, okay well not all, but a nice portion of my clothes for free at my Mom's yesterday.  Clean laundry is my favorite!
  2. Short work days.  I get off at 12:30 today to go to a weekly 1 o'clock appointment.  Even though it means a really busy day, and a really long day tomorrow, it still feels nice to only work 6.5 hours.
  3. Starting early at 6 am.  There isn't much to be positive about waking up at the crack of dawn, but the lack of traffic heading into work is enjoyable.

  1. Money.  While I don't have much, the thought of being wealthy enough to not have any worries is enough for now.  One day I will find a way to live a comfortable life, vs. right now, which is stress mode!
  2. Cooking for my boyfriend.  Even though I cant eat with him, and sometimes it really is torturous, I actually love cooking, and I love to see him eat my food and enjoy.
  3. Being productive.  I walked a lot yesterday.  A mile on my lunch, 3 miles after work, another mile with my Mom's dog, and a mile in between all of that.  12,000 steps reached!

  1. Hanging out with my Grandma, my Dad's mom.  I feel close to him when I spend time with her, after all, she gave birth to him.  
  2. Still recognizing my Dad on Father's Day, even if he isn't here with me.  He was an amazing man, and an even greater Father, and I am so blessed to have spent even a moment with him in my life.
  3. Walking alone.  I went on a long walk by myself, because everyone was busy with Father's Day festivities.  It felt nice to have that time to walk and think.
  1. Long hikes with my boyfriend.  There's nothing I enjoy more on the weekend than walking with him and enjoying each other's company.
  2. Tenacity, will power and strength.  On our long hike, we came upon two steep hills and even though it practically killed me, I still finished it.  And I'm happy that I pushed myself to that point.
  3. Errands.  I've learned to enjoy errands a little more, because it means that I'm getting extra steps in, without having to work hard.  The key is to keep active.

  1. Hot morning showers.  I don't take them enough, because I usually shower at night, to prevent a traffic jam in the morning.  I took one today, and it really started my day off right.
  2. School's out for summer!  My boyfriend and I live across from an elementary school, needless to say, the break from the parking lot of insane parents being eerily absent each morning is amazing.
  3. Chatty co-workers calling in sick.  As much as I love her humor, it is nice to have a break for a day from the constant chit-chat.  I have work to do!
  1. My Mom, it's her birthday and I'm so thrilled I get to celebrate with her.
  2. Love.  My boyfriend has his moments, but he is truly my best friend and love of my life.
  3. Competence.  I deal with people who are completely incompetent on a fairly consistent basis, so I really appreciate dealing with someone who has a functioning brain.

  1. Wind
  2. Not busy at work
  3. Losing 19.2 pounds in 28 days
  4. My sister.  Even though we don't always see eye to eye, sometimes she pleasantly surprises me.

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