Thursday, July 10, 2014

Death to the E-Thug

So I put the article below on my "Interesting Stuff" page, but I feel like it deserves the attention of a full blown post.  I'm fuming angry, and I just feel like beating this point to death.  Whenever an article like this appears, I instantaneously look at the comment section.  I don't know why I do this to myself, because of course that is where all of the internet trolls (or my personal word E-Thug) live, but I cant help it, and it's like dropping a hornets nest in my heart.  I always have hope that the comments wont be so abhorrent, but that is giving internet humanity far too much credit.  

People so quickly punch the letters on their keyboards to type some of the most disgusting series of words imaginable, because, and only because, they can conceal their real identity.  Would these assholes be able to say such terrible things to someone's face?  Most of the time, no.  But what is the difference of saying it to someone, and typing it online.  Either way, they took time out of their day to belittle someone, and make them feel bad about themselves.  That is pathetic.  I just want to scream, "Don't you have something better to do?"  I mean, who honestly enjoys hurting others?  WHO?!  It's unreal, and I cant wrap my mind around it.  Maybe it's because I'm a nice person, or understanding of the differences between humans beings world wide, oh and also, I'm not an asshole.

Let me be clear.  Being overweight, obese, fat, it isn't a healthy lifestyle, and I get that.  I'm not an advocate of inhaling food and being proud.  I AM an advocate of someone being who they are, and not having to feel bad about themselves because of it.  Most people who are heavy, don't want to be, so I'm not really sure there is a purpose that is served by making nasty comments.  By typing the horrendous verbal diarrhea, or opinions, as they so graciously dub it, they are actively seeking to hurt someone, and it's totally unacceptable to me.  Of course, they always have a shit ton of "data" to support their "opinion", but in reality, they just wanted to be mean.

So, I have to let them be mean.  The bottom line is that they have chosen those words to represent them.  It may be anonymous, but even so, they go to sleep at night knowing they stopped whatever the hell it was they were doing, to punch in some pathetic insult into a comment section, simply to stir the pot.  That is their idea of a good day.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather be 1,000 pounds, and be able to look back on my life knowing I never set out to intentionally hurt someone, via the internet or not.  E-thugs are just e-thugs, they are a dime a dozen.  In reality, by putting others down for something like being "fat", it just shows an insecurity within themselves.  I know that is cliche, but it's the truth.  You could beat them with that sentence for years, and they would never admit to an insecurity, but in reality, a confident, happy, kind, and wise person, wouldn't stop what they are doing during the day and say something like, "Proof that Beluga Whales can live on land."  They just wouldn't, and that is that.

So maybe I am fat, but I'm not lazy.  Maybe I do have one too many rolls, but I don't overeat.  They may see me and compare me to a f**king whale, but they don't know that I've lost 31.8 pounds in two months, and it will keep on coming off.  And once it does, I will be more than happy to belittle them, by simply ignoring their existence, because nobody is more worthless than someone who is an asshole purposefully.

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